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What is Korean Wave (Hallyu) 2021?

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What is Korean Wave (Hallyu) 2021?

What is Korean Wave (Hallyu) 2021?

In the last two decades, South Korea has become very rich and futuristic. In 1965, South Korea’s GDP per capita was lower than that of the African country Ghana.

South Korea owes some of its success to what the whole world calls Hallyu (Korean Wave). Because Hallyu contributes billions of dollars to the South Korean economy every year.

What is Korean Wave?

When Chinese journalists first spoke of South Korean popularity and the growing interest in South Korean culture and pop culture in the late 1990s Hallyu Wave (Hallyu Wave) or Korean Wave They used the term (Korean Wave).

This term Korean pop (K-pop), korean TV series (K-dramas) is used to express South Korean brands and culture in general, such as Samsung or LG, which are among the major players of the global market and are increasingly effective.

How Did the Korean Wave Emerge?

Due to the 1997 financial crisis, South Korea began partially restricting cultural imports from its neighbor Japan, which led to cultural diversity within the country.

In the vacuum created by the crisis, the Ministry of Culture of South Korea has started to work to combat the financial crisis, strengthen the local culture in the country and ensure the emergence of local talents. One of these studies was to open 300 departments based on culture in universities.

All of this work has been in South Korea’s favor, and the country is the first local big-budget film to gross more than the Hollywood-made Titanic. ShiriHe drew.

Also, during this time, numerous Korean dramas that started to spread in China caused a huge increase in South Korea’s cultural exports to China. That’s when the Korean Wave officially started.

Korean Wave Soon Crossed Chinese Borders

The Korean Wave was not limited to China, as East Asian countries such as India and Japan and other Southeast Asian countries started to show great interest in Korean serials and music. Korean dramas such as Winter Sonata, which were also broadcast on Channel D for a period, broke rating records in Asian countries.

While the dominance of Korean dramas spread rapidly, Korean pop (K-pop) was also getting a lot of attention. Boy band HOT became the first K-pop artist to perform abroad, while Korean star BoA ​​was the first Korean artist to sell one million copies of their albums in Japan.

YouTube, Psy and Gangnam Style

With the development of social media, video sharing sites, digital technologies and of course the smartphone, the Korean Wave has started to spread all over the world. In 2010, Korea’s music exports increased by 168%.

Korean pop and Korean dramas have gradually become popular among Western audiences, with the influence of Internet television such as Netflix, and have started to gather a global fan base. This especially Psyviral hit that made Korean pop known to the world Gangnam Styleappeared after.

In the year Gangnam Style went viral, former US President Barack Obama referred to Psy’s dance, and in a way, the Korean Wave also managed to hit the US shores hard.

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