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What is VIOP 30 Index? 7 Information About VIOP 30 Index

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What is VIOP 30 Index? 7 Information About VIOP 30 Index

What is VIOP 30 Index? 7 Information About VIOP 30 Index

VIOP 30 Index offers the opportunity to invest in thirty large companies traded in Borsa Istanbul at once. You can invest in the biggest companies of our country at the same time and at once by buying and selling the close-term contracts of BIST 30, which includes BIST 30 index companies.

Shining star among investors in recent years VIOP market In case you start buying and selling the BIST 30 index, you can invest in leading companies such as Turkish Airlines, Bim, Turkcell, İş Bankası and Aselsan and benefit from the performances achieved in these stocks.

As an important advantage in VIOP, you can start investing in Borsa Istanbul’s BIST 30 index with low initial margin amounts. Thanks to the leverage facility in VIOP, you can earn higher profits by taking a larger amount of position with a small initial investment. On the other hand, you can benefit not only from the rise of prices but also from the downward movements by taking advantage of two-way trading.

1. What is VIOP 30 Index?

VIOP 30 IndexIt is a financial instrument that can be traded in the futures and options market, reflecting the value of only 30 stocks belonging to the most heavily traded large companies in Borsa Istanbul. This index is in VIOP XU030 trading with the code.

terms to represent the public view of Borsa Istanbul, especially Turkey’s economy VİOP 30 index, speculation, and in particular is an investment option that provides download possibilities to the minimum possible harm to the possible fluctuation and exchange rate risk emergence in the spot market.

With VIOP index investment, it is possible to take advantage of low initial margin, leverage and two-way trading. All of these offer investors high earning opportunities by starting with a low investment amount and taking a large amount of positions in VIOP. Similar to this advantage, VIOP brings with it the opportunity to benefit from both downward and upward movements according to price expectations.

2. Which stocks are included in the VIOP 30 Index?

VIOP 30 Index or XU030 represents the contracts of the BIST 30 index that can be traded and traded in the futures market. Traded in the futures market with the code XU030, this index reflects the BIST 30 index exactly. In this respect, stocks belonging to companies included in the BIST 30 index represent this similarity in VIOP.

The stocks to be included in the BIST 30 index are not selected from groups C and D with relatively high risk levels. Shares to be included in the BIST 30 index instead Between groups A and B is selected.

To open a small parenthesis for the enthusiast; Shares in circulation with a value of 30 million are included in Class A, while shares in circulation of less than 30 million TL but more than 10 million TL are included in Group B. Group C shares are rated as shares below 10 million lira. Group D is also included in a separate category, excluding the BIST share market, as the Free Trading Platform, the Emerging Companies Market, the Custody Market and the Qualified Investor Export Market.

However, when making valuation calculations in the BIST 30 index, the total values ​​of the stocks of the elected companies are not taken as basis. In other words, calculations are performed on the values ​​of these companies that are traded on the stock exchange.

In VİOP 30 index, which includes 30 Bist Turkey’s leading index is situated giant companies. for example Turkcell, Turkish Airlines, Pegasus, Migros and Tüpraş companies such as are currently covered by this index. BIST 30 index is updated four times a year. Companies included in the BIST 30 index from this screen You can follow up updated.

3. What Do VIOP BIST 30 Index Contract Codes Mean?

All futures contract codes, which are also valid for the VIOP BIST 30 index, consist of three separate sections: the group to which the contract belongs, the code of the underlying asset and the maturity date information. When you examine the close term contracts to buy and sell the BIST 30 index, you will see a table like this:

So, what exactly do the contracts like F_XU0300221 and F_XU0300421 you see in this table mean and what do they mean? At the top of the table for better understanding F_XU0300221 Let’s take the contract as an example and examine it.

F: It means futures trading. The F code is used as an abbreviation for the English word futures. In order not to be confused with option contracts, the F code is at the beginning of all futures. As an additional information, O code is placed at the beginning of option contracts.

XU030: This code shows that the underlying asset of the VIOP futures contract is the BIST 30 Index and thus helps us understand what the underlying asset subject to the futures contract is. With this code, we understand that the underlying asset we are trading on is the BIST 30 index.

0221: Shows the due date of the contract. Here 02 indicates the month of February and 21 indicates the year. That is, we understand that the due date of this contract is until the last day of February 2021 and the last trading time. The date information varies according to the agreements, as you can see in the table.

The “Purchase Price” and “Ask Price” sections in the table show the purchase and sale prices for the relevant contracts. On the other hand, “Update Time” in the last section shows the last date the purchase and sale prices were updated.

4. How to Invest in BIST 30 Index in VIOP?

In order to buy and sell the BIST 30 index in VIOP and start investing in 30 giant companies of our country at once, it is enough to open an investment account from intermediary institutions that intermediate VIOP transactions. Many brokerage houses in our country offer the opportunity to make VIOP transactions.

It will be your gateway to the futures and options market best brokerage You can consider a number of criteria to make your choice. For example, the brokerage firm that you are planning to work with provides access to various investment products including VIOP, provides customer support, competitive commission rates and low costs.

On the other hand, the functionality and ease of use of a brokerage firm’s trading platform can also be among the factors that you should not ignore when choosing a brokerage firm for VIOP. It is also important that the broker provides up-to-date research reports, as these reports will help you to monitor potential positive or negative developments and take action quickly when necessary.

5. How is a Transaction Example for VIOP BIST 30 Index?

VIOP transaction examples are extremely important in terms of understanding the functioning of the market. For this reason, we recommend that you examine it carefully. We would like to show an example of a BIST 30 index futures contract, relevant to our topic.

Let’s assume that an investor will make an exemplary transaction on the BIST 30 index in VIOP. This investor, who predicts that the index will increase, opens a long position. Expecting a decline, this investor could also aim to gain profit by opening a short position. However, we assume that the investor has opened a long position.

Currently, the initial margin at VIOP for 1 BIST 30 Index contract is 1550 TL. For example, our investors who want to purchase from 5 BIST 30 futures contracts must deposit 7750 TL (1550 x 5) initial margin.

  • First Trade Buying: 190,000
  • Next Transaction Sales: 195,000
  • Purchase Transaction Amount: 5 x (190,000 / 1000) x 100 = 95,000 TL
  • Sale Transaction Amount: 5 x (195,000 / 1000) x 100 = 97,500 TL
  • Profit of our Investor: 2500 TL (97,000 – 95,000 = 2500)

Thus, our investor earns a profit of 2500 TL in return for his initial investment of 7750 TL. Of course, you don’t have to calculate your profit and loss yourself with these formulas. Just like in stock trading, your profit and loss will be instantly visible on the VIOP trading platform.

6. How to learn VİOP BİST 30 Index Transactions?

You can use demo accounts or various visual and written sources to learn how to invest in commodities such as stocks, foreign currency and gold in the market, including BIST 30 index transactions at VIOP.

The best way to learn the functioning and logic of a market you will be logging in for the first time is to use demo accounts. In this context, VIOP Demo Account You can start practicing using virtual money before risking your real money by opening it. Thus, you can get the opportunity to get to know the market closely, improve your investment skills and see what you will gain and lose.

Another way to learn about the market VIOP Training going through the videos. With free or paid trainings, you can understand the basics of the market in the internet environment, learn sample applications for transactions and strategies to increase your earnings.

In addition, Adil Altaş, one of the experienced trainings in the futures and options market, can be a useful written resource for you. Apart from BIST 30 index transactions, if you are interested in all the diversity in VIOP in general, 50 Golden Rules in the Light of Theory and Practice in Futures Markets by Murad Kayacan and especially if you are interested in option contracts, you should learn about VIOP culture from Atesan Aybars’ book Option Transactions as a Profession. may well benefit you.

7. How is VIOP 30 Index Followed Live?

To follow the BIST 30 index live, Investing or TradingView You can use the screens. However, in VIOP, you need to check BIST 30 price index contracts for futures contracts through your brokerage firm. Because there are differences between the purchase and sale prices. For example, a specific futures contract price chart at your broker would look like this:

At this stage, there is another point that you should pay attention to. Because unless you control it from the real trading platform, there may be delays and price differences in the charts. For this reason, it is important to take the trading platform data of your brokerage firm as a basis when performing VIOP 30 index transactions.

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