Home Uncategorized An Uncertainty That Cannot Be Measured by Mathematical Models 2021: What Will the World and Economy Be Like After Coronavirus?

An Uncertainty That Cannot Be Measured by Mathematical Models 2021: What Will the World and Economy Be Like After Coronavirus?

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An Uncertainty That Cannot Be Measured by Mathematical Models 2021: What Will the World and Economy Be Like After Coronavirus?

An Uncertainty That Cannot Be Measured by Mathematical Models 2021: What Will the World and Economy Be Like After Coronavirus?

To start from the most basic point, it seems very interesting to see the different behaviors that societies adopt in situations and scenarios that happen to us. Because the effects of coronavirus and social distance cause sudden changes in our habits and direct us.

Although we are dealing with one of the most educated societies in history, the vast majority of us have learned through reading about the disasters and events that most affected the planet. We have read and learned many things from the different world wars the planet has experienced to the pandemics that shook our world in earlier times. However, we did not learn any of them, or something similar to this situation, by experiencing.

However, history, or what some might think of as fiction, collided with reality. As we know, our standard of living has turned 180 degrees with the emergence of the Coronavirus. Our life and habits have completely changed. Our daily routines have become more different than ever before.

Societies did not know how to deal with such a disaster. However, we ultimately live and continue to learn. The coronavirus has changed many things; hygiene has become our priority daily habit, even the city photographs we know are now dull with people wearing surgical masks. There are also changes in the economy, for example working remotely has become a real alternative for companies for the first time.

In short, a sociological revolution has happened for the planet, with the changes mentioned above, which will never be the same even when the storm fades. Ultimately, there will come a day when this virus will not infect more people, and maybe this infectious virus will not continue to kill people anymore. However, this virus and its effects will always continue to exist in our societies.

Sociological Storm

Western citizens could not possibly imagine wearing a surgical mask over their faces. Moreover, they were amazed by this strange hobby of Eastern citizens: a hobby that seems to have gone mad by Asian citizens!

However, overnight, masks and their use on public roads became widespread around the world. Istanbul, Paris, London, Madrid, Amsterdam, Rome. Each of the major cities became a photographic frame seen by Western citizens years ago that they would think they were looking at a photo of an Asian city, not a Western city.


Our living habits have been replaced by an imposed social distancing that until now seems like a real madness. We have even become unable to step into the streets unless it is necessary.  For example, Times Square. Iconic New York street, now empty and deserted, is home to thousands of tourists at once.

Our religious habits have also changed drastically. Mosques, churches and all places of worship are closed. In summary, the change that society goes through affects everyone and does not leave anyone indifferent.

Moreover, by making a comparative self-assessment of our behavior and the behavior we demonstrated months ago, we can easily grasp the difference of past habits that have now become a purely utopia.

Change in Economy

Currently, there are decreases in the countries’ GDP, budget deterioration, sluggish trade in the face of border closures, companies that cannot operate due to our closure to houses and a partial cessation of activity. Consequently, he is constantly on television or in the economy pages, we see analysts’ predictions for the economy.

We can more or less anticipate the possible effects of the coronavirus on our economy and other economies because we are aware that when we wake up one morning, things will not return to normal. In summary, as the indicators show, these predictable effects are already being felt in the economy and these effects are getting more and more sharp day by day.


After all, we are experiencing a difficult change for our economies. Neither globalization, nor technology, nor everything that concerns the world order and economy will be the same after this epidemic. It is said that society only learns when it makes mistakes, it is very true. For example, systems that are thought to be extremely prepared today show all their deficits with this collapse they have had to face.

When all of this is over, the planet will be divided again into two: coronavirus citizens and reborn citizens, just as we heard our elders of whom we heard talking about the great catastrophes their societies had to face.

Under all circumstances, we are experiencing an uncertainty that cannot be measured with mathematical models. All of our systems broke down when faced with a reality very different from the assumptions of politicians around the world so far, the deficit of each system we rely on has become apparent. For now, let’s hope that all these experiences will impose new ideas on our societies that will close the gaps in our systems and this threat will end as soon as possible.

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