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8 Free and Paid Options for VIOP Training from the Internet 2021

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8 Free and Paid Options for VIOP Training from the Internet 2021

8 Free and Paid Options for VIOP Training from the Internet

Developed in recent years and frequently preferred by investors VIOP market It is one of the high-risk activities that can lead to serious financial losses without adequate preparation.

If you are new to VIOP, you need to start improving with relevant skills and knowledge to help reduce this risk. Free or paid VIOP training courses that you can take over the internet are one of the best ways to improve your knowledge and skills.

Before entering the market, you need to understand at least the basics such as how VIOP works, how to evaluate investment opportunities in this market and how to measure returns, how to interpret graphs and financial data.

On top of that, it is absolutely important that you stay up to date on the strategies that develop when VIOP is in question, and gain a good perspective on transactional psychology.

There are a limited number of VIOP training courses available online, each with their own advantages and each suitable for different types of investors. Some of these trainings are free, but some are paid and quite costly, so we recommend that you do a thorough research before purchasing paid training.

  • Establishment: GCM Investment
  • Instructor: Kudret Ayyildır
  • Fee: Free

GCM Investment, which provides services with its expert staff in futures and options markets, is one of the institutions that offer free VIOP training. GCM Investment stands out with its VIOP demo account advantage as well as free comprehensive online training. The VIOP demo account, which has not yet been offered by many brokerage houses, helps investors to apply what they have learned in trainings, to practice and to get to know the market closely.

It is enough to fill out a small participation form to join GCM Yatırım’s VIOP trainings for free and open a free demo account. After filling out the form, you can take advantage of the trainings quickly and start using your demo account immediately.

  • Establishment: Borfin
  • Instructor: Ahmet Çayıroğlu
  • Fee: 239.20 TRY

The training program called Trend Tracking and Trading Strategy Creation Techniques in VIOP, which you can access for a fee on the Borfin platform, is carried out by Ahmet Çayıroğlu, who has experience in derivatives and FX markets. In this comprehensive training program, VİOP provides basic information about the trading plan, strategy formulation techniques and how to follow a trend. Those who want to gain a trading discipline in VIOP and the spot stock market and create a trend-following and buying-system can participate in this training.

  • Establishment: Gedik Investment
  • Instructor: Uzeyir Dogan
  • Fee: Free

Gedik Investment, one of the expert brokerage houses in its field, offers free VIOP training on YouTube. This VIOP training is given by Üzeyir Doğan, who is the Investment Advisory Manager at Gedik Yatırım and is a columnist for Para Magazine. The training focuses on basic concepts, especially derivative instruments, the differences between spot trades and futures, and the purposes of trading on VIOP.

  • Establishment: Udemy
  • Instructor: İlker Atacan
  • Fee: US $ 409.99

Stating that he has been interested in the stock market for a long time and has been supporting the long-term portfolio by trading in the VIOP market for the last three years, the training program on Udemy targets investors who are new to the market. The visual training program, which lasts an average of 7 hours, also offers 8 downloadable documents. The education program in which 400 students have attended so far on Udemy is currently rated above average.

  • Establishment: ınvestaz and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey in Istanbul
  • Instructor: Ayşe Aytemiz
  • Fee: Free

ınvestaz Turkey, “Investments from A to Z” is the motto for a long time among brokerage firms operating in Turkey. In line with this motto, the brokerage firm offers free of charge the “Futures and Options Market from A to Z” training seminar, organized in cooperation with Borsa Istanbul, on YouTube. If you want to learn the basics of VIOP, it would be useful to consider benefiting from the seminar. VİOP ınvestaz training given by Turkey Domestic Market Manager Ayşe Aytemiz.

  • Establishment: Borfin
  • Instructor: Ahmet Çayıroğlu
  • Fee: US $ 159.20

The training program titled The Secret of Success / 50 Golden Rules in VIOP, prepared and presented by Ahmet Çayıroğlu on the Borfin platform, is the fundamentals that must be known for investors who trade and want to make successful trading in the Futures and Options Market (VIOP). “50 Golden Rules”

  • Establishment: Ahlatçı Investment
  • Instructor: Yucel Tonguç Erbas
  • Fee: Free

This short training video, presented by Yücel Tonguç Erbaş, Assistant General Manager of Ahlatçı Yatırım, helps you understand the operating logic of VIOP and helps you learn some important concepts and points in the market. As we mentioned, this short training video has an average length of 12 minutes.

  • Establishment: Borfin
  • Instructor: Gokhan Gungor
  • Fee: US $ 62.30

The Futures Contracts training program offered by Gökhan Güngör, who has experience in financial markets and has worked at the foreign exchange, money markets and fixed income securities desks of various banks, aims to provide participants with information about derivatives and their uses.

The training program prepared and presented by Güngör helps to understand the opportunities and risks associated with the use of these products for investment purposes by providing detailed information on futures contracts, the effect of daily profits or losses on the collaterals and the collaterals related to these transactions. On the other hand, contracts traded within Borsa Istanbul are also explained in the training program.

general evaluation

As a result, choosing the right VIOP training course for yourself will require you to do an in-depth research into what each course can offer and how relevant it is to your personal needs, especially if you want to benefit from paid training. On the other hand, after receiving these trainings there is a way to start practicing VİOP demo account It would be wise to test your virtual currency investment skill by creating.

Although some of the paid VIOP training courses are costly, you should keep in mind that the VIOP market offers high earning opportunities as well as high risk and preparing yourself fully before entering the market will be worth any cost, even if it is expensive in the long run.

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